What Your Tuition Buys

Dear Providence Music Families,

I am well aware that the cost of music instruction is expensive, and that the cost is a sacrifice for most families.  I consider it an honor to be entrusted with your musical training or the training of your child.

I currently charge the approximate going rate of a professional music teacher in the U.S.  This rate information is based on a large-scale survey conducted by the Music Teacher’s National Association.  In addition, I consider myself much more highly qualified than the average music teacher with a Master’s degree in music teaching, national certification, and twenty years of experience. This studio is my livelihood, just as any other worker’s job, so I feel justified in charging a fair rate.

I would also like to make you aware that your tuition dollar goes toward much more than just the time I spend with a student.  As a small business owner, approximately forty percent of the money I bring in goes toward expenses like my business license, taxes, supplies, utilities, and equipment maintenance and upgrades.  Business owners must also provide for their own benefits such as health insurance, retirement, and days off.

In addition, time and expense is spent preparing for lessons, groups and recitals; preparing monthly newsletters and invoices, practicing, driving and shopping for music, and professional organization membership fees.  I also spend time volunteering for these organizations, which provide a range of performance opportunities for my students.  I stay current on the latest music editions and music research through attending conferences and reading professional journals.

My goal at Providence Music is to train musicians who will go on to enjoy, support, and play music for the rest of their lives.  You are providing yourself or your loved one with a gift that will last a lifetime.

Prepared by Wendy Bramhall, May 2009